Schooner Bay

Schooner Bay is currently in the early stages of design for a sustainable, clean-energy way to air condition the buildings in the community. This system, called GeoExchange, will utilize a brackish or brine well-water source as the primary means to reject the heat energy to satisfy the air conditioning requirements of all the buildings. A distribution piping network from the  well to each building, much like a domestic water piping network, will connect to a geothermal heat pump unit located inside each housing or retail building that will provide air  conditioning. This approach to air conditioning results in a 35% cost savings on electricity. In addition, the geothermal heat pump unit does not require any outdoor equipment, thus doing away with the corresponding noise and aesthetical detriment typically associated with traditional outdoor air conditioning units. This noise elimination and absence of large outdoor machinery will enhance the serenity of the natural environment.

A special secondary option included on our geothermal heat pumps is specifically designed to dehumidify or remove the moisture out of the air. The traditional method to dehumidify the air is to operate the air conditioner and over-cool the space, thereby, causing the occupants to be cold and uncomfortable with 65°F to 70°F room temperatures. The dehumidification option on the geothermal heat pump, called ClimaDry®, will adequately dehumidify the space while maintaining a comfortable 72°F to 77°F, thus preserving the integrity of interior finishes, home furnishings, or artwork. The ClimaDry® system also results in significant energy savings, as it can still effectively dehumidify interior spaces while the owner is away and air conditioning is turned off.