HVAC Design

Geo-Energy Services, LLC has provided HVAC Design and Ground Loop Design services for residential owners, developers, and architects. Project sizes have ranged from 800 ft2 to over 20,000 ft2 for a variety of floor plans that are provided as single family homes to multi-family housing projects.

We offer a wide range of GeoExchange system configurations designs that include forced air heating and cooling, radiant floor heating, snowmelt heating, and domestic hot water heating. For residential systems, we have been able to utilize a variety of ground loop heat exchangers including vertical closed loops, horizontal slinky loops, pond heat exchangers, and open loop systems. In addition, our project experience includes integration with other renewable such as solar thermal or solar photovoltaic systems.


  • Engineered Mechanical Drawings and Specifications
  • HVAC Design
  • Radiant Floor and Snowmelt Heating Design
  • Ground Heat Exchanger Design
  • LEED™ for Homes
  • Startup Testing and Commissioning
  • Consulting
  • Feasibility Study