At the core of Geo-Energy Services’ primary operations are our GeoExchange HVAC Design services. Our specialty is designing GeoExchange Systems. This emphasis enables us to seamlessly integrate cutting edge ideas and technologies for optimized results and unique solutions for each one of our clients.

  • Concept or Detailed HVAC Engineering Designs: CAD Drawings and Construction Specifications
  • Ground Heat Exchanger Designs: including Closed Vertical, Closed Horizontal, Open Loop, Pond Loop, Ocean Plate, and Hybrid configurations
  • Integrated Energy Analysis/Simulation: using eQUEST, TRACE 700 and other simulation tools for GeoExchange Systems; LEED Modeling Requirements
  • Construction Management and Oversight
  • Turnkey Project Implementation: with direct hire of Subcontractors
  • Building and System level Commissioning
  • Consultant: to owner, contractors, and A/E team members
  • Planning: Master planning or programming for large scale GeoExchange projects as phased installation, campus style installation, or dynamic integration of multiple processes
  • Expert Witness or Forensic Investigations
  • Accredited Installer Training: to Project Team members or Owner personnel
  • Thermal Conductivity Testing
  • Economic Feasibility Studies: with Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Technical Assessments